Istanbul in 2024: Istanbully

Istanbul, as we all know one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, moreover not only in Turkey but also in the whole world. With its artistic beauty, fruitful places, cats, people, and most importantly, at least for me, Bosphorus, the connection between Europe and Asia. The city looks like a part of heaven, if we had ten million people or so. But this vision lasts till you become an “insider”. Of course, the city will not lose its beauty, you’ll lose it. When I graduated and turn back to Istanbul with my degrees and certificates in my hand, I was not expecting Istanbul to absorb my energy. Wakin’ up at 7 am to catch my shift which is at 9:15 is pretty far from what I actually expected. It geniuenly sucks all the energy that an individual has. This “side effect” is something new for me, but it isn’t baffling to see long-lasting effects on people. It’s really distressing to see people waking up in early morning to catch their minimum wage shifts and to it for at least 20 days in a month to barely pay their rents.

One of the few minutes that the subway station feels empty. It's about to be filled with people and sorrow.

Özgürlük Meydanı / Bakırköy
One of the few minutes that the subway station feels empty. It’s about to be filled with people and sorrow.
Özgürlük Meydanı / Bakırköy / Istanbully

The depression in people’s faces are inevitable to demonstrate and to be recognized. It’s easy to understand their acceptance of their own “bad breaks” or fates. They have no other choice, option or selection. They have to dedicate themselves to this bullying, hence they have to bare this suffer, bare to lose their inner humanity, happiness and peace for someone or something. I wonder how many of them think only themselves in this way to 8 hours of underpaid suffer. Economy, city and workforce kills them innerly…

This does not end with that. I wonder how the most beautiful city of the world, possible capital of the world, everyone’s meeting point, mother of all this beauty can have this binary how can this beauty stick people to its dirtiest side, chains people and suffer them. City bullies people with its economy, standards and grapples people to the city by not letting them to see the beauty inside it.

Of course in todays world it’s not expected to have same prosperity and welfare for everyone, but the devastating part is while some part of Istanbul , I name them as Istanbullers, have the beauty of the city, the others the Istanbully ,or Istanbulliers have to live in the though part. The distinction of the city, for the ones that is not let to see the beauty, that have to kill their invaluable times to barely live, is harsh, devastating, and burdening. That is why Istanbul is not Istanbul no more. We and the other Istanbulliers live in Istanbully, not in Istanbul anymore. Istanbul belongs to ones that has the green flag.

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