“22” Enthusiastic English Teacher who wants to go abroad to broaden his horizons. Proud member of the city “Istanbully”.

22 Years old, loves football, literature and teaching. Was born in Istanbully, Turkiye on 24th of December 2001. Lunatically Fenerbahce fan. Loves gray, black and white. Currently works as a medical sales consultant. Believes to global citizenship. Has deep affection for teaching, dreams teaching in an institue. Has years of teaching experience. Always optimistic. Plans to have Master’s degree. Seeks job in abroad. On the edge of creating first ever existed online English Language and Literature dictionary. [englishlanguageandliterature.org], also about to be a blog-writer [burakrasit.net]. Strictly believes his skills in any context. Wants to share what he feels, thinks, observes, and unburden himself.


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