Hi again!.

Want to know about me?

As an enthusiastic twenty-two years old English tutor, I believe in the power of
dedicated instruction to transform students' learning journeys. My ability to
connect with students builds up a positive and engaging learning environment.
I excel in leadership and teamwork, remaining calm under pressure and
effectively managing emergencies. Additionally, I possess strong organizational
skills, adept at coordinating meetings, team building and conferences to ensure
 smooth operations.

When it comes to my life; 

I was born on December 24, 2001. At the age of three, I learned to read and write using MSN, witnessing the transformation and development of the internet day by day. I am a creative individual with excellent communication skills, which makes me sociable and talkative. I am a team player and can easily adapt to new environments.

Currently, I am actively studying English Language and Literature at Süleyman Demirel University. In addition to my academic goals, I have extensively traveled and explored half of Turkey. My immediate aim is to expand my horizons and work abroad. As a global citizen, I strongly support the values of global citizenship and strive to connect with diverse cultures and communities.

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